Massage is by origin a method of healing

The history of massage is a long one and is by origin a way of healing. Touch is likely the first and most elementary form of communication. Traditionally touch has been used to heal wounds. This is still the case up until today. What do you do when you bump into something really hard? Is it not true that the first thing you do rub it with your hands?

In early history, across the whole wide world, different cultures developed and applied their own forms of massage in order to heal. One of those influential traditional ways of healing has its origin in ancient India. Massage therapy has been an age old integral part of traditional Indian medicine known as 'Ayurveda', which stands for 'Knowledge of Life'. Massage was and is being used to balance the patient’s energy.

Margalith Marga Li Massage

About Margalith

For quite some time now I have focused, small scale and in addition to my job as management assistant, on helping people by using my intuition. To become more proficient in this I followed several courses such as Foot Reflex Massage, Quantum Touch and the Ayurvedic Massage Education at the Jade Ayurvedic Healthcentre in Doorn. The combination of the proper massage techniques, the use of ethereal oils and energetic healing is an excellent way of stimulating the self-healing powers of the body.

Different massage therapies

Research has shown that regular massage has a positive effect on the immune system. This increases the body’s resistance, the level of endorphins and oxytocin, reduces stress and stimulates the feeling of happiness. You are more than welcome for Ayurvedic Massage, Quantum Touch and Foot Reflex Massage at Marga Li Massages in Hilversum.

Ayurveda starts with insight into your Dosha type

Every human being is born with their own unique combination of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether and the three bio-energetic powers called Vata Pitta Kapha.

vata pitta kapha dosha's

Vata Dosha

in balance:
creativity and vitality, a clear understanding, astir.

out of balance:
an overactive spirit, sleep disorders, dry cough, fatigue, menstrual problems, stress related problems and anxiety, insecurity and nervousness.

Pitta Dosha

in balance:
contentment, intelligence, willpower, full of energy and a sharp memory.

out of balance:
bloodshot eyes, vision problems, skin rash, acne, acidification.

Kapha Dosha

in balance:
power, endurance, perseverance, forgiveness and compassion.

out of balance:
idleness, possessiveness, disturbed digestion, breathing difficulties, loose or painful joints, obesity.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that people are so different? Why is one person so full of energy and the other someone who had rather retreat into silence? Why some people devour three main courses while others have trouble finishing a simple salad?

Ayurveda has the answers to these and many other questions when it comes to the differences between people: they are simply different Dosha types.

Only few people resort under ‘pure constitutional types’, so distinct Vata-, Pitta- or Kapha-types. Usually people are ‘mixed types’, so they have characteristics of two or sometimes three Dosha types. The Dosha types actually give you an insight into the type of person you are.

Whenever your Dosha’s are out of balance, this tells you something about your health, a possible disease or the needs of your body/mind. You can bring a Dosha back to its balance by food, yoga, herbs, massages and self-cleansing methods. Getting more insight into what kind of Dosha type you are gives you, as it were, a number of guidelines which you can follow, on the basis of which you can decide to adapt your lifestyle in order to become healthier.

A Dosha imbalance may also result in anxiety, stress, depression, unhealthy habits, anger, insecurity and a variety of bad habits and emotions. It also gives you an insight into which food is healthiest for you.

Quantum Touch

Richard Gordon developed Quantum Touch. He was an inquisitive researcher who wanted to make those ‘healings’ accessible for a wide audience.
During this treatment the Quantum Touch therapist makes use of breathing techniques and awareness exercises in order to pass on the energy of the universe. Everything in your body is in vibration. When a certain place in your body is inflamed, the vibration is lower. By means of breathing and energy transmitted via the therapist’s hands (known as Chi or Prana) this vibration will be normalised, synchronised with the vibration in the rest of the body and the inflammation will be slowed down. The person receiving these vibrations is the actual healer and so, as such, you are your own healer.

Foot Reflex Massage

Foot Reflex therapy is an old way of healing that has its origin in both China and India. The foot mirrors the condition of the body and the emotional balance. Massaging the foot has a very positive influence on the nervous system and the circulatory system. The blood circulation will be improved and subsequently waste materials can be easily disposed of. Energetic blockades can be lifted so that the self-healing powers of the body will be stimulated. The Foot Reflex massages are highly suitable for different kinds of complaints, such as back problems, shoulder problems, headaches, constipation and digestive disorders.

After a massage you will be full of energy and you will feel so much better! 
According to Indian tradition, I only massage women.

Massage Marga Li intuitie

Take good care of your body and mind!

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